Due to the large number of applications, as of January 1, 2023, the next ones will be entered only on the reserve list.

Dear friends,

The COVID-19 virus infection has caused one of the most contagious diseases in human history. Fast spreading, i.a. thanks to modern means of transport, the coronavirus has created a dangerous threat to human health and business. Serious health burdens and a number of other serious consequences have been reported all over the world. According to data provided to the WHO, more than half a billion people have fallen ill so far, including over 6 million who have died, and now we are dealing with the beginning of the fourth wave of infections.

Non-pharmacological countermeasures (lockdown, restrictions on the freedom of movement and social contacts, work and remote learning) taken by national governments, in turn, result in a number of undesirable side effects. One can indicate here, for example, the emergence of mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress, an increase in the incidence of domestic violence, significant changes in the labor market, etc.

The goals of the 12th SHP Congress are aimed at bringing the clinical and social experiences related to the pandemic and the effects of the undertaken preventive strategies to the public. Disseminating the accumulated knowledge among the community may positively improve the results of further fight against SARSCoV2.

The Congress will also be an excellent opportunity to meet us, the Humboldtians, with the representatives of the Humboldt Foundation (we expect the visit of the President and Secretary General of the AvH).
We invite all Humboldtians to participate in the Congress, regardless of their formal affiliation to the SHP, asking for a quick pre-registration, because when applying for funding, we must submit the appropriate lists of participants.
The participation in the congress (including the accommodation) for the Humboldtians from abroad will be free of charge. Unfortunately, we are not able to support your travel costs.

We invite you to submit proposals for your own scientific presentations and suggestions to invite other eminent scientists, also from outside the group of Humboldtians (see the subject matter), as speakers.
We also ask you to propose the candidatures of junior researchers and PhD students, potential candidates for scholarship holders of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, to the session of young researchers. Their participation (30-40 people) in the Congress will be free, provided that they present their own research (on any subject) in the form of a poster and a short 3-minute flash presentation.

The next conference message will be sent in Februaty 2023 – but only to those who have expressed an initial interest in attending Congress.

We invite you to Poland,

Main Board of SHP